Hello Blog!

Welcome to the first post on my blog, with definitely a lot more to follow! I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and realized that this is the right moment to start one. Over the last years I’ve done a lot of speaking on various topics and with this blog I’m going to take it a bit further with sharing more content more frequently.

What will I write about? Because I work as a security researcher for Veracode and as the subtitle of the blog indicates, it will mostly be about application/software security and .NET. But definitely won’t mean it will be exclusively about that. Lately I’ve been playing around with Rust and really enjoying it. Same counts for all things happening around WebAssembly, which of course is not only limited to Blazor. Want to know more about me and my background? I suggest to read the About Me page for that.

Hope to see you back soon! You can always start following me on Twitter @nielstanis where I’ll also share if there is new content available. And on the page about Speaking you can find links to the content of the talks I’ve given in the past.